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Shiatsu is a powerful tool for achieving and maintaining optimum wellness.

Why Use Shiatsu?

Why use Shiatsu?

  • You want to feel better without dependency on painkillers
  • You want awareness & objectivity
  • You want more energy
  • You want to feel grounded and emotionally open
  • You want increased vitality
  • You want to feel your best every day


 How often should I come for Shiatsu for it to be effective?

The effects of Shiatsu can often be felt immediately; however, they are cumulative in much the same way as healthy lifestyle contributes to ongoing health.  When beginning to receive Shiatsu sessions, schedule 3-5 appointments no more than a week or two apart to begin to appreciate the effects of this healing work

For those dealing with long-term conditions, chronic pain or managing chronic illness, continuing with a schedule of visits once or twice a month is usually sufficient to maintain the effects of free flowing life energy.  Many people come in for Shiatsu on an as-needed basis, seasonal tune-ups, or in response to a fall or some kind of physical trauma or as life becomes more stressful.


What makes Shiatsu effective?

  Shiatsu is bodywork that is based on an ancient energetic system that also evolved into acupuncture, and, like acupuncture, it has the potential to result in effects that are more than musculoskeletal.   Shiatsu will work with the receiver’s Ki, the life force that flows throughout the body.   Ki is expressed in specific pathways called meridians, which relate to the function of physical organs.  Just as the organs of the body are specialized to fulfill different aspects of the basic needs of life, so are the meridians specialized to support life on all its levels.   Emotional states, thoughts, and beliefs are affected positively by the balancing treatments of receiving Shiatsu.  The work that you are doing with your primary care practitioner can be supported by enlisting the help a Shiatsu practitioner, to assist you in accessing other levels of your Self in the journey you’re on. 

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